Police Continue Search for Florida Armed Robber

Jacksonville is a place filled with people who strive for their many different goals in life, be it fame, money, power or property. However, some fall short; others are down on their luck. Whatever the reason, if one is charged with a theft crime in Jacksonville, one needs an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the Broward Sheriff’s office is continuing their search for an armed robber. The robbery was said to have happened at a Subway in Dania Beach, Florida, when during the morning hours of the day, the armed robber came across the counter, emptied the safe, and then locked the Subway employee on duty in the bathroom.

Florida theft crimes have become more and more common during the morning hours of the day. Most stores are just opening, if not twenty-four hour stores, managers have the safe open and/or are counting money, police are changing shifts, and there are typically less witnesses for the robber to worry about.

Though robberies are becoming more common and better planned, there are some common misconceptions about the crime, including confusion between robbery and burglary.

In Florida, robbery, according to Florida Statute 812.13, is when one violently takes money or property from another person with the intent to either temporarily or permanently deprive them of it. Burglary, is a little bit different however.

In Florida, burglary, according to Florida Statute 810.02 is when one enters a dwelling, business, or property not owned by that person, with the intent to commit a theft crime. The difference important difference between robbery and burglary is that with robbery, there one is stealing directly from a person, and with burglary, someone is stealing from a person’s dwelling, business, or property, rather than from the person directly.

There is a major difference in penalties as well. Because legislators as well as public opinion on the whole value human life more than property, there are steeper penalties for robberies as opposed to burglaries.

Burglaries are typically handled as second or third degree felonies, resulting in up to 5 years in prison. Robberies, however, are at minimum second degree felonies and typically carry over a decade in prison time.

In the case of the man who robbed the Subway, if caught, he will be charged with armed robbery, which penalties for that charge are significantly steeper. Armed robbery is a first-degree felony and as such, if one is convicted of armed robbery, one is subject to up to life imprisonment.

One in this situation has only a few options: either stay on the run and hope the very slim odds of not getting caught are in one’s favor, or contact an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes attorney, turn one’s self in, and have one’s attorney mount the best defense possible for one’s case, giving one more options for the future. The best idea is the safest idea.

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