Police Officer Arrested for Grand Theft in Clay County, Florida

A Clay County sergeant has been arrested and fired for Grand Theft. Christopher Robbins, the ex-officer, was an in the force for fifteen years and is accused of being paid for an off-duty job which he did not work. The total value of he allegedly received is over $2000.00.

A grand theft is committed in Florida when he knowingly obtains or uses the property or money of another with the intent, either temporarily or permanently, to deprive the other person of a right to the money or property. If the value is over $300.00, the theft is considered a third degree felony punishable for up to five years in prison.

Robbins was released on his own recognizance (ROR) in Clay County, which is typical for police officers who have been arrested. Police officers are generally not generally considered a flight risk or danger to the community, but prior to being arrested, that officer could have shot citizens with virtual immunity. That officer, prior to the arrest, could have taken away your liberty at any moment. Police officers should be held to a higher standard than the rest of the public because they are in the law enforcement business. When caught breaking the law, their status as officers should not give them any advantage, including the advantage of being released without a bond.

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