Police Searching For Man Who Robbed Hastings Subway

A man who robbed a Subway restaurant in Hastings is being sought by law enforcement. St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office officials said the man went into Subway an ordered a meal. After he received his food, he said he was armed and demanded money, the Sheriff’s Office said. He was given an undisclosed amount of cash and fled. Authorities are looking for a white male, 25-30 years old, 6 feet tall and 250 pounds. He was wearing a white shirt, dark colored pants and appeared to have a sleeve tattoo on his right arm.

One of the most common theft crimes in Jacksonville is petty theft. This offense is a “crime of dishonesty” that can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on a number of circumstances and prior convictions of the accused. Misdemeanor petty theft can include any scenario where one steals or tries to steal property from a business or person, and the property is valued at less than $300. Grand Theft involves taking property or goods valued over $300, and this crime can be charged as a first degree felony if certain factors are present.

Other common theft crimes include robbery, which is the intentional and unlawful taking of money or property from another person through the use of force, violence, threat or assault. This crime is a second degree felony , exposing one to up to fifteen years in prison, up to 15 years of probation, and excessive fines. Grand theft auto and burglary are also serious and heavily punished theft offenses in Florida.

Proper Robbery arrests in Florida should result from a theft coupled with a threat, or use of force or violence. Armed Robbery in Florida is defined as the criminal act of stealing another person’s property, without consent, while in the possession of a weapon such as a gun or knife. The sentence for an arrest and conviction for robbery will depend on the prior criminal history of the accused, if one had committed prior violent offenses, the type of weapon that was used, if the alleged victim sustained bodily injury during the crime, and the value of the property stolen.

If one is found to have fired a weapon during the robbery, one may be serve a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence. The sentence one receives depends on many factors including prior criminal history, what kind of weapon was used, if there is a history of violent offenses, how much the stolen property was worth and whether or not the victim was injured. One can be certain that the armed robbery charges may be accused of will be taken seriously by the State, resulting in a hard fight to obtain a conviction.

The arrest for use of a firearm during a robbery may carry 3-year minimum if the person is a convicted felon and a 10-year minimum-mandatory sentence if the 10-20-Life sentence enhancement is charged. The discharge of the firearm may bring a 20-year minimum-mandatory, and if a serious injury results from the use of a firearm, a defendant may face 25 years with a mandatory-minimum up to a life sentence. Robbery charges are generally second- or third-degree felonies but can be up to a life felony, as well. Strong Armed Robbery (mugging) is the taking of property from the person or custody of a person by force.
The evidence usually does not look good for someone accused of robbery, especially if stolen items are found in a suspect’s house or car. If one is under investigation or has been arrested on robbery charges, one will need to obtain an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney to fight the case.

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