Probation in Jacksonville, Florida

Our Jacksonville Probation Law Firm represents many people on who are on probation. When you are put on probation in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, you don’t have the same rights and freedoms as the common citizen.

The Court, when it sentences someone to probation, imposes standard and special conditions. Standard conditions include:

1. The probationer must report to every scheduled meeting.
2. The probationer cannot possess any firearms.
3. The probationer must pay probation fees. (usually around $50.00 per month)
4. The probationer cannot use intoxicants to excess.

“Special” conditions are the conditions the Court imposes that relate directly to the crime the person was arrested for. Some “special” conditions are:

1. Random Urinalysis to test for drug use.
2. Payment of restitution.
3. Community Service Hours (When you are placed on DUI probation in Jacksonville, performing service hours are mandatory)
4. Attend drug rehab.
5. Pay specific court costs.

If a probationer violates his or her probation, they can be put back in jail with no bond until they can go before the judge. If you are on probation in Jacksonville, Clay County, or Nassau County and think you may have violated your probation, call a Jacksonville Probation Lawyer to discuss your options.

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