Prosecutor Arrested for DUI in Florida

An assistant state attorney has been arrested in Florida for DUI. This is the second time Lydia Wardell as been arrested for Driving Under the Influence within 4 years. Even though there are minimum mandatory punishments for getting a DUI within 5 years of the last DUI, she did not do the minimum 10 days in jail. Instead, Wardell was sentenced to an alcohol treatment program along with 50 hours of community service, a 5 year license suspension, and an ankle monitor. After the police pulled her over and requested that she perform field sobriety exercises, Wardell refused. She also refused to blow into the breathilizer.

Under Florida law, the 10 days in jail are mandatory for a second DUI within 5 years of the first. If you are arrested for DUI in Jacksonville, some judges let you do the 10 days on the weekends. Weekend jail in Jacksonville costs $60.00 per day. You report to the community corrections division on Saturday and Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. If you are one minute late, they will not accept you and you may have to do straight jail time. You should consult with a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer about weekend jail in Jacksonville.

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