Real Housewives Star Still Has Active Florida Warrant For Theft Crime

Many times throughout Jacksonville, citizens feel the itch to take something without paying for it. However, just because one fits a particular profile of a shoplifter, does not mean that one is the culprit, or that one is a bad person. If one has been accused of shoplifting, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to, Real Housewives of New Jersey Melissa Gorga was arrested on July 16, 1997 in Palm Beach County, Florida for “retail theft.” 18 at the time, Melissa still went by her maiden name, Melissa Marco. A warrant for Melissa’s arrest was issued on October 8, 1997, after Melissa failed to attend her arraignment on October 6. According to Kathy Burstein, the PIO for Palm Beach County, the case is still open, making Gorga possibly subject to arrest.

Shoplifting, also known as five-finger discount, boosting, or shrinkage within the retail industry, is theft of goods from a retail store. It is one of the most common crimes in America, and a very common problem among Jacksonville theft crimes.

Most shoplifters are amateurs; however, there are those who attempt to profit from shoplifting, who tend to be more experienced and skill in the act of shoplifting. Generally, theft involves taking possession of property illegally. In the case of shoplifting, customers are allowed by the retail store to take physical possession of the property by holding or moving it. This leaves areas of ambiguity that could criminalize some people for simple mistakes, such as accidental hiding of a small item or forgetting to pay. For this reason penalties for shoplifting are often lower than those for general theft.

Many times, females are targeted for accusations of shoplifting, as there is a common misconception that shoplifting is a primarily female activity. However, shoplifting has been present as a criminal activity for all ages and genders, making it a serious problem for all involved.

Many times, people shoplift because of depression, the psychiatric disorder most commonly associated with shoplifting. Shoplifting is also associated with family or marital stress, social isolation, having had a difficult childhood, alcoholism or drug use, low self-esteem, and eating disorders. Bulimic shoplifters frequently steal food.

In Jacksonville, some judges can be particularly tough on theft crimes, more so than other judges. These situations can sometimes leave some first time offenders in worse situations than second or third time offenders because of the judge they come before. In these situations, one needs an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney to mount the best defense possible, so that no matter what judge one goes before, one will have a better chance of having a more favorable set of circumstances, possibly even acquittal.

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