Requirements for Probation in Jacksonville

When you are placed on probation in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, there are “standard” conditions and “special conditions”. Special conditions are specific to the crime alleged, such as ordering DUI school in a DUI or ordering Batterers’ Intervention Program in a Domestic Battery probation. There are also standard conditions applicable to every probation.

These standard conditions of probation are:

1. to report to probation
2. to allow your probation officer to visit you at your house or at your employment
3. to remain employed
4. to stay in the city in which you were placed on probation
5. to not break any law
6. to make any necessary restitution
7. to support your dependents (children) as best you can
8. to not associate with people who are engaged in criminal activities
9. to submit to random drug or alcohol testing
10. you are prohibited from possessing a gun
If you are placed on probation and your probation officer is threatening to violate you, contact a Jacksonville Probation Attorney to discuss your rights.

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