Restitution in Criminal Cases

Most crimes that occur have a “victim”. If you are arrested in Jacksonville for any type of violence (Simple Battery, Domestic Battery, and Aggravated Battery), there will be a victim of violence. If you are arrested for theft crimes in Jacksonville, the owner of the items stolen will be a victim.

If you are arrested for a crime and property is damaged, the owner of the property is entitled to restitution. Restitution is compensation, reimbursement, or reparation for a loss caused to another. As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, some of the negotiated dispositions in our criminal cases include an order of restitution. Under Florida law, the court can order a defendant to pay restitution to a victim for:

1. Damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by the defendant’s crime; and

2. Damage or loss related to the defendant’s criminal episode.

A judge can deny restitution to a victim if the judge states clear and compelling reasons to not order it.

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