Restraining Orders Can Be Issue in Jacksonville Domestic Violence Cases

The recent case of a Jacksonville woman being killed and detectives arresting her husband and charging him with her death, highlights the issue of domestic violence in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

According to The Florida Times-Union, a woman was shot to death inside her house around 4:30 a.m. Later that day, investigators charged her husband with the crime.If you feel threatened by another person, whether it’s a partner, neighbor, co-worker or a complete stranger, seeking a domestic violence injunction or restraining order in Jacksonville could be a smart move.

Conversely, those who are subjected to such an order require an aggressive defense. A restraining order can prevent you from returning home or seeing your children. In many situations, it’s truly a case of guilty until proven innocent.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were more than 113,000 incidents of domestic violence in 2010. Of those, about 89,000 were simple assault cases and more than 18,000 rose to the level of aggravated assault. More than 2,000 of the incidents involved forced sex and more than 200 involved a person being killed.

An injunction or restraining order will keep police and the defendant on alert that the person can’t be around or else face criminal charges. In severe cases, police can be on high alert to go on patrols to make sure the victim is left alone.

But going through the process alone can be difficult. Hiring an experienced Jacksonville restraining order attorney who will help you navigate the criminal justice system will make things much easier. We can also defend clients who are facing domestic violence charges and wrongly subjected to such orders — which can disrupt your life and leave you with nowhere to turn.

In Florida, a temporary restraining order can be granted immediately after applying, but it only lasts until a hearing can be scheduled. After the order has been granted, the person who is labeled as the defendant will get notice and will be able to attend the hearing. If you go to a hearing without an attorney, you could be at a huge disadvantage.

Violating an injunction or order can mean serious criminal consequences for the person who violates. Many orders are “no-contact” orders, meaning the person can’t come within a certain amount of feet of the victim and aren’t allowed to call, email or text or communicate in any way.

The orders and injunctions must be filed with the police department where the victim lives and with the county sheriff’s office where they live or spend much of their time.

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