Arrested in Volusia County

Law enforcement in Volusia County, Florida conducted a sex crime sting operation and arrested a former Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer, Brian McCree.  McCree, already retired from JSO at age 51, reportedly used a computer to entice or solicit a minor for sex.  The allegations are that McCree packed well for his trip to meet the supposed minor.  Reports state that he took a gun, a bottle of liquor and 100 images of child pornography to his arranged meeting with whom he thought was a minor.  The child sex sting netted 14 arrests with McCree being the oldest arrested.  McCree during his police career probably took hundreds of suspects “to the ground” as part of an arrest.  There is a video of McCree being taking to the gound himself on

“There’s a Man Who is Supposed to be Protecting the Community Who Really is a Common Criminal”

Those are the words of Sheriff Ben Johnson in regards to McCree.  McCree, presumed innocent of course until proven guilty, will almost certainly receive prison time if convicted of these charges.  The history with Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers, or JSO, has been to continue to draw the lucrative pension even after a felony conviction for a sex crime.  Twenty-five year veteran of JSO, Richard Cannon, is doing a 30 year sentence for sex crimes with minors.  Cannon is still receiving his pension for life which means the taxpayers will pay to incarcerate Cannon and also fund a good portion of his guaranteed retirement.  Cannon was employed as an officer when arrested, resigning shortly thereafter.  McCree was already retired at 51.  Two other JSO officers recently resigned due to criminal problems.  Nelson Cuba was only a patrolman in rank but was the head of the powerful Fraternal Order of Police Union.  His multiple criminal  charges are still pending and he is presumed innocent with every constitutional right to fight his charges.  The police union’s number two man was Lt Robbie Freitas, who also was arrested, also is already drawing his pension, has entered pleas to his charges and is awaiting sentencing.  He entered a plea to a felony and has agreed to cooperate in the case.  This case got Jennifer Carroll fired as Lieutenant Governor.  Former prominent and well respected Jacksonville attorney Kelly Mathis was convicted, disbarred and sentenced to 6 years in prison on his criminal charges.  These charges all stemmed from internet gaming rooms which the state attorney claimed were illegal gambling operations.  Cannon, Cuba and Frietas were all active Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers at the time of their arrest.  Up until the instant the handcuffs went on their wrists, they had the power to detain, the power to arrest, the power to fill out a sworn affidavit for a warrant and take it to a judge. Ultimately, each one of them had the power to use the Glock .40 sidearm or M4 .223 rifle issued to them by the department.

Florida Law on Sex Crimes

Current Florida laws on sex crimes are very tough and the voting public want politicians to make the laws even more harsh.   Under the Florida sentencing guidelines, a person convicted of any sex crime with a minor is almost certainly facing prison and  a designation as sexual offender or worse yet, a sexual predator upon release from prison.  In McCree’s case above he will have multiple counts for arranging, enticing and  travelling to meet a minor for sex and each of his child porn pictures can bring another charge.  A search warrant of his residence has probably been executed primarily for his computer  to be taken into evidence.  The police will use forensic experts to search around in his computer for any more sexual illegality regarding McCree.  McCree and the other defendants here are all facing serious sex crimes without physically touching anyone.  If you or a family member is facing a sex crime charge in Jacksonville, Clay County or Nassau county, contact a veteran sex crimes attorney.  Ray Forbess,  at the Forbess Law Firm has defended hundreds of sex crimes.  A no obligation, no charge consultation and/or jail visit is always available by calling 904-634-0900.

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