Samurai Sword-Wielding Florida Man Faces Child Pornography Charges

Jacksonville’s citizens have many interesting that they do in their lives that involves the internet. Unfortunately, there are those people who do things on the internet that are both illegal and costly to one’s future. Even though these sorts of crimes seem horrible, the person accused of committing the crime deserves the same Constitutional protections as anyone else in the United States. Someone in a situation like this should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Kamil Mezalka of Palm Coast was arrested for possession of child pornography received from the internet. The arrest came after FBI agents issued a search warrant at Mezalka’s house, after which Mezalka retaliated by stabbing his computer with a samurai sword. Mezalka’s computer contained hundreds of files containing picture of sexually abused children.

Jacksonville child pornography crimes are normally crimes that involve someone who’s computer has child pornography on the hard-drive, or on the computer’s IP address. However, what is unfortunate is that many prosecutors, police, and other parties fail to realize that a computer may be used by others in a home or office. This failure to investigate thoroughly, many times, makes a victim out of an innocent party.

For someone who has being investigated for and charged with pornography, depending on how much evidence is found and the severity of the Judge’s opinion, an accused party could serve a very long time in federal prison. In this case, Mezalka could serve anywhere from five to twenty years for the crimes he is accused of. If Mezalka was wrongfully charged, a great injustice would be done by locking him away for any amount of time.

When a child is involved in any sort of crime, most attorneys, Judges, and other members of the community’s hearts are hurt. Unfortunately for the accused, this means that public pressure as well as personal anger many times back a decision to prosecute the first possible defendant law enforcement can find. This process is extremely detrimental to the life and dignity of a private citizen who has now become a defendant a criminal prosecution.

Many times, other users of the same computer are the culprit, causing one to be blamed for a crime one would not commit oneself. Unfortunately, even after there is enough evidence that might show that the accused is not the actual perpetrator, the prosecutor in charge will refuse to drop the case. Many times, this will be discouraging to the accused, because one is struggling to prove one’s innocence and the State seems to know that one is innocent.

Many times, the accused in criminal prosecution will face a slew of officials who are determined to put one behind bars. However, if one in a situation like this obtains an experienced Jacksonville child pornography crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights and defenses are known and protected, one can be sure that even though the State is one’s enemy, one’s experienced attorney will be able to win the battle for one’s freedom.

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