San Francisco Archbishop-Designate Charged With DUI

Jacksonville’s citizens make mistakes at times; the legal system is aware that people are not perfect. Some people continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. A person in this situation will be looked at by the court as hopeless. However, if one in a situation like this obtains an experienced attorney to fight the case, one will have the best defense possible so that one may attempt to fix one’s problems and rise to a better future.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Rev. Salvatore Cordileone San Francisco’s next Catholic archbishop, has been charged with a two misdemeanors stemming from his arrest for a DUI. Cordileone’s arrest came after he stopped at a DUI checkpoint while driving with his mother and a visiting priest after a dinner with friends. Cordileone has since issued a statement of apology.

Alcohol can be a part of many traditional ceremonies, including weddings, religious services and other activities, but when coupled with driving, drinking can lead to serious legal consequences. Being arrested for a DUI in Jacksonville can be very disadvantageous with the various legal penalties involved:

– license suspension/revocation
– DUI school enrollment
– up to 6 months in jail
– vehicle tow and impoundment
– ignition interlock installation and monthly access fees
– expensive court fines and fees
Not only are the legal penalties bad, but one’s reputation, career, and self-esteem can be severely affected by a DUI. Many people run the risk of losing their jobs simply by not getting a designated driver.

One has rights when stopped by the police. There are options. The biggest tests that police will use are field sobriety tests and breath tests. If the breath test finds that one’s blood-alcohol level is above 0.8, the legal limit in Florida, that person can be charged with a DUI. If someone refuses the test, they will be taken to jail for the night just as if they had had a blood-alcohol level of 0.8 or higher; their license will also be suspended.

Florida has a 10-day rule, which says that if applies for a formal DMV hearing within 10 days, one or one’s lawyer can try to re-obtain your license before it is officially suspended. Many times, the DMV will issue a temporary license depending on the outcome of the hearing. If this hearing goes well, one’s license may not be suspended or revoked at all.

If one’s blood alcohol level is above 0.15, in Florida, that person must have an ignition interlock installation installed in their car.

The ignition interlock works basically the same way that a breathalyzer test works. The ignition interlock is attached to the vehicle itself. The person driving must have a low blood alcohol level to start the vehicle and may be required to give a sample of their blood-alcohol level while driving. These tests are expensive and a major hassle to everyone who has been charged with a DUI in Jacksonville.

A person charged with a DUI that causes serious bodily injury will be facing a maximum of 5 years in prison. That person will “score” just over four years in prison even though they have no previous record. The Court will have to impose the scored sentence as a minimum sentence unless sufficient statutory mitigating factors warrant a possible departure from that sentence.

One’s best advice is to never drive when one has consumed alcohol. One’s future may be at risk when one is charged with a DUI. One needs a knowledgeable and experienced Jacksonville DUI lawyer to fight the case. Don’t allow your life to be ruined by a DUI charge. Defend yourself.

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Additional Source: San Francisco’s next archbishop charged with DUI, the Sacramento Bee

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