Santa Rosa County Police Execute Florida Warrants For Illegal Spice Sales

Jacksonville’s youth and adults have addictions. Some can be as simple as TV shows or video games. However, when that addiction causes problems with one being able to function in normal society or even private life, it causes one’s life to flip upside down. Much worse is the effects on one’s life when the addiction becomes a charge in the legal system. However, if one obtains an experienced attorney to fight the case, one will have the best defense possible and can be sure that one can get the treatment one needs to move on and have a better drug-free life.

According to the Santa Rosa Press Gazette, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office served warrants concerning illegal sales of Spice in Santa Rosa County. The warrants were obtained after police obtained reports of illegal Spice sales at convenience stores in Milton and Midway. At one of the stores, police found 800-1,000 containers of Spice, valued at approximately $10,000. All Spice obtained from the warrants was sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for testing.

Jacksonville drug crimes, in particular, cases involving juveniles, are cases of peer pressure. Most cases of drug use by minors involve their drug use starting out with occasional marijuana smoking. However, this casual use springs into a full-fledged addiction for many of Florida’s adolescents. These addictions have some of the worst affects, particularly when their original drug of choice does provide the desired effect anymore.

Under the Constitution, all warrants issued must be supported by probable cause and must describe the places and things to be search with specificity. Including arrest warrants, requirements for warrants based on probable cause and specificity in description protect one’s rights under the Constitution and stands in the way to protect the accused from shoddy police work. However, many times, accused parties do not know whether the warrant on them was executed properly, resulting in wrongful convictions.

In this case, the police were able to obtain a warrant on the individual undercover buys, witness complaints, and other reports of illegal sales of Spice. The warrants’ issuance hinges on the drugs being found positive as Spice. However, once the warrant requirement has been satisfied, the door is then open for seizure of other related items, in this case, pipes, other drug paraphernalia, and a computer system were also seized.

Synthetic Marijuana, also known as K-2, Spice, Serenity Now, Red Magic, Black Mamba, Mr. Sticky and other names, are typically sold over the counter in local convenience stores. The packaging of this substance is labeled “Not for human consumption”, however, as most know, teenagers do not always follow warning labels. This substance causes hallucinations, increased anxiety, and according to some doctors, psychosis.

This substance was added to the list of controlled substances last year, as its effects over a long period of time can cause major damage to the heart, liver, and other areas of the body. The State is attempting to crack down on the mass use of this drug before it becomes as wide spread as other common drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. However, the State may not be kind to the drug’s unfortunate victims.

One of the major differences between Spice versus regular marijuana is that with marijuana, one must possess 20 grams or more for a felony charge, whereas with spice, one only need possess three grams to be a felony charge. Many people are caught in Florida with Spice that they bought legally in another state and merely had it in the car when they traveled to Florida.

If one or one’s child has been accused of partaking in this illegal substance, one should obtain an experienced Jacksonville drug crimes attorney to fight for one’s case. One is already suffering from the harmful effects of an addiction; one should not suffer at the hands of the legal system as well. An experienced attorney can bring to light one’s struggle with addiction. One needs a help up, not a lock down.

Many times, the main actors in charge of operating drug sale schemes are not addicts themselves, but are making huge amounts of illicit cash. When arrested, the main actors will be facing harsh minimum mandatory sentences under Florida law, even if they have no prior criminal history.

One should not risk going to jail for a long period of time when an experienced attorney can make sure that their best defense is brought forth and their rights are protected .

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Additional Source: Warrant served for spice sales in Milton, Santa Rosa Press Gazette

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