SCRAM Bracelets, DUI charges, and Bond Conditions in Jacksonville

SCRAM bracelets are a relatively new device used in DUI cases in Jacksonville and as a condition of bonds in Jacksonville. SCRAM bracelets claim to monitor the amount alcohol someone has in their body by testing the person’s sweat. The bracelet sends a signal to the headquarters which then issues a report to judges. If you are arrested in Jacksonville for DUI and bond out of jail, the judge can make the monitor a condition of your bond. That means in addition to posting a monetary bond, you will also have to pay to have the bracelet put on. It costs around $400 per month to have it on. Judges may also make you wear the bracelet if you are on DUI probation in Jacksonville.

SCRAM has been in the news recently because of the actress, Lindsay Lohan. Lohan was placed on probation for DUI in 2 separate cases. The judge in her case made her wear the monitor and it indicated that she did drink alcohol. Lohan denies the allegations, but the judge did issue a warrant for her arrest for violation of DUI probation.

As a DUI lawyer in Jacksonville, some of our clients are required to wear these bracelets before their DUI cases are resolved. It is very expensive to keep them on, and our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers, in some cases, are able to get the bracelets removed with the permission of the court.

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