Sex Offender Arrested For Identity Theft On Florida Bench Warrant

The legal system is filled with those who in an effort to stay out of the court system, end up with worse problems than they originally had. These people are the targets of warrants, be it from evading the court, or possibly forgetting about a court date. No matter what the particular set of circumstances, if one has been the victim of an arrest warrant, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case.

According to WOUB news, Nicholas Gallinoto, a convicted sex offender was tracked down and arrested in Ohio on a Florida arrest warrant. The arrest warrant was issued for not registering on the Florida sex offenders list. At the time of his arrest, Gallinoto was using his brother’s name, Jerry Gallinoto, to hide from the Florida legal system.

There are many types of Florida warrant cases, be it search warrant cases, inspection warrant cases, or arrest warrant cases, but the most common and most crucial to the accused in the legal system typically are arrest warrants.

An arrest warrant in Florida is typically known as a Capias, or bench warrant. Most arrest warrants are issued for many reasons including:

– Violation of probation
– Committing a felony crime in the state that the warrant is to be issued
– Failure to comply with a court order
– Failure to appear for court
Most arrest warrants are either bond warrants or no-bond warrants. This means that the judge issuing the warrant looks at the particular set of circumstances surrounding the request for the warrant, the nature of the offense itself, and whether the offense is something that is serious enough for the person it is issued against to be incarcerated until their next scheduled court date.

Many times, questions of whether the arrest warrant will have a bond attached to it are controversial, particularly with warrants issued for missing court. Many times, if a person has missed court, it is normally because they wrote the wrong court date on their calendar. However, for those people who are repeatedly missing court dates, the legal system and the judges who issue those arrest warrants will be particularly hard. In other words, that person is not being issued a set bond and will have to sit in jail.

Most of the time, the accused has the ability to petition the court for a bond hearing. However, at this point, one is very much so at the mercy of the court and its discretion as to whether a bond will even be set, even more so how much the bond will be. In some situations, even if the person is able to persuade a judge to entertain the idea of a bond hearing, most cannot afford the cost of bond.

If one obtains an experienced Jacksonville warrants attorney however, one will have a strong chance of not only obtaining a bond hearing, but a strong chance for a reasonable judgment on the bond and the case in general. One should not risk one’s chances on a judge’s good nature. One should obtain a sure help for the future.

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