South Florida Hit By Fraud & Thievery With New Phone Scam Wave

Many times, people like to play pranks and practical jokes on others via telephone. However, when that phone call becomes a scam for money, the consequences become extremely hard to deal with. If one has been charged with being a part of a phone scam, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to CBS Miami, The FBI is investigating patterns of phone scams that are hitting South Florida. Elizabeth Manger, a probation officer in Miami Gardens, has two sons and got the call while at work, claiming “We got your son, we got your son and we’re going to kill him.” The FBI has found that many of these phone scams have 787 area codes originating out of Puerto Rico.

Phone scams are normally hard to classify on their own, and as such are typically considered fraud or theft crimes in Jacksonville. Many phone scams involve some sort of emotional attack upon an intended victim for monetary gain. As many fall victim to duress, the offender has an easier time obtaining money much quicker.

Phone scams are on the rise nationwide. More than 70,000 complaints of scams related to telephone and mobile services were reported in 2011, according to a report from the Federal Trade Commission. This is a fifty-percent increase from 2010. These complaints do not include other kinds of scams such as internet services, fraudulent prizes or sweepstakes or, debt collection.

Many scammers often adjust their stories to more accurately target different groups. The elderly in almost every state fall prey to scams about a family member in trouble. The most well-known scammers are those that pretend to be from the Nigerian Central Bank, going after every average vulnerable citizen with a bank account. Other scammers claim to be calling from major credit- card companies, hospitals, and insurance companies, claiming an outstanding balance.

According to the FBI, Florida is the only state where people have reported receiving calls from a 787 number telling the same story Manger described. She said another Miami Gardens officer got the same call. Two Miami Herald reporters were victims as well.

Unfortunately for those that choose the path of theft, one can spend countless hours in legal battles, facing a very large prison sentence, and face outrageous criminal fines and restitution requirements. The amount of time spent trying to successfully complete the crime will seem wasted and in vain, as one will face a number of different legal hurdles that one may not be able to combat on one’s own. In a situation such as this, one might feel the walls closing in around one, like there is no way out.

One has one choice of relief in a situation like this. One charged with a crime of this nature should contact anexperienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights and defenses are known and protected. One can either sit back and wait for the Judge to render a decision against one, or one can take charge of one’s defense and win one’s cause for freedom.

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