St. John’s Police Shoot Hospice Nurse In Front Yard

Jacksonville’s citizens like to have a feeling of security from trespassers on their property, because they simply do not wish to be bothered. For some, this means advertisers or people who wish harm upon them, such as thieves. However, for some, this means police, and if one is involved in something illegal, one stands the risk of being harmed by the police. However, if one obtains an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case, one can ensure one’s rights will be protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Andrea M. Sheldon of St. Johns county was gunned down in her yard by four police officers. The incident occurred after police got a tip while on the way to another scene that there was a domestic violence dispute between Sheldon and her husband involving guns. When the police arrived, Sheldon came out the front with a shotgun in hand, after which the police officers shot her 4 times.

Jacksonville police crimes normally involve some sort of police failure, inaction, or overreaction that causes some physical harm or even death. No matter what the circumstance, the police must still be held responsible for the crime they themselves have committed by not following proper procedure as well as assessing the situation to the best of their ability and following the right course of action.

Many times in Jacksonville, the police will arrive on the scene of an alleged crime without any or very little information to go on, and immediately overreact when any violence or possible violence is seen. For many police officers, this means pulling out a gun and shooting before they get shot. However, common practice does not equal common right.

The police have a responsibility to protect and serve citizens. Unfortunately, if citizens have to worry about a police officer arriving at one’s house and shooting one based on an anonymous tip from another location away from one’s house, who can a citizen trust? Police officers and the State may try to hurt or lie to one, but if one in a situation such as this obtains an experienced Jacksonville police crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case, one can ensure a strong and honest defense to one’s charge and a better outcome for the future.

Unfortunately for Sheldon, her defense could not be mounted. She was stripped of that right. However, Sheldon is a symbol for others and should be a major lesson for the police, that one has a right to stand for an alleged charge rather than being denied not only the right to defend one’s self, but the right to live. One should not have to die because of a skittish police officer who does not know how to handle a situation without violence.

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Additional Sources: Woman killed by St. Johns deputies identified as 46-year-old hospice nurse, Dana Treen, The Florida Times-Union

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