“State Jail” Initiative in Florida could Keep Prison Inmates Close to Home

Under the current criminal justice system, if you are sentenced to more than one year of incarceration on criminal charges, you will be sent to a Florida prison. The first place you go is the Reception Center in Lake Butler, Florida. You risk will be assessed, classified, and then sent to one of the many prisons in Florida.

If you are sentenced to 12 months or less, you will serve your time in Jacksonville, either at the Pretrial Detention Facility downtown or the “P-Farm” on Lannie Road.

The Florida Department of Corrections is proposing a solution to the prison overpopulation problem. (they expect the number of people in prison in Florida to top 100,000 this year) Criminal defendants who are sentenced to less than 18 months in prison would be sent “state jail”. These state jails would be built in each county and if you are sentenced to less than 18 months, you can stay in Duval County. The inmates most likely to be sent to these state jails would be non-violent offenders or people with probation violations.

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