State Witness in Jacksonville Trial in Jail for DUI

State witness, Stephfan Wilson, has been arrested for DUI. Wilson was the main witness in the shooting trial of Richard Collier, former Jacksonville Jaguar player. Wilson was on probation when he was in the car with Tyrone Hartsfield when Hartsfield allegedly shot Collier. Even though Wilson flunked multiple drug tests while the case was pending, he still remained a free man as long as he testified in the Hartsfield trial. Hartsfield was found guilty of the shooting and Wilson was out of custody.

Wilson was stopped by Georgia police for speeding. When the officer made contact with Wilson, he noticed an open container of alcohol.

If you are on probation in Jacksonville and you are arrested for new charges, your probation can be violated. The state attorney has to prove that the officer who arrested you on the new charges had probable cause to arrest. If the new criminal charges in Jacksonville are dropped, the judge could still find you in violation. If you suspect you have violated your probation in Jacksonville, you should contact a Jacksonville probation lawyer.

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