Statute of Limitations in Florida

Statute of Limitations is a legal term that means if a crime is committed, the government has a certain period of time to prosecute. That means if they think that you committed a crime, such as domestic battery in Jacksonville, the police and state attorney have to arrest and prosecute you within a certain time. Here are some of the time limits in Florida:

Second Degree Misdemeanor, such as reckless driving in Jacksonville: 1 year
First Degree Misdemeanor, such as DUI in Jacksonville: 2 years
Capital Felony, Life Felony, or Felony resulting in Death, such as sexual battery in Jacksonville: No time limit
First Degree Felony: 4 years
If the felony resulted in an injury to someone with a destructive device: 10 years
Most other felonies in Jacksonville: 3 years
The time limits run if you have not tried to evade capture and have stayed in Jacksonville during the period. You should contact a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney if you have questions about the statute of limitations in your criminal case.

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