Sumter County Police Officer Arrested for DUI

A police officer in Sumter County, Florida was arrested this past Thanksgiving weekend for DUI in Marion County. Police say that Benjamin Muecke was swerving on the road and was driving a card with an expired tag. After being pulled over, police say Muecke had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and had red and watery eyes. He also reportedly struggled with getting his driver’s license and registration. After completing the field sobriety exercises, he was arrested for DUI.

Many DUI arrests in Jacksonville begin with police pulling a car over for some traffic infraction. Police have to have a “reasonable suspicion” that a suspect has committed a traffic offense. Once they pull you over, in almost every DUI arrest and booking report, police observe red/bloodshot/watery eyes, the moderate/strong odor of alcohol coming from the suspect’s breath, and slurred/thick-tongued/stuttered speech. If these things are noted by the officer, that gives him reasonable suspicion to request that the suspect perform field sobriety exercises. If the suspect refuses, they will most likely be arrested for DUI and the refusal can be used against the suspect. If the suspect does not perform up to the officer’s standard, they will be arrested for DUI if the officer thinks he has probable cause for arrest. A Jacksonville DUI attorney can analyze every step of your DUI arrest to make sure the police used proper procedure. If they did not, the Florida DUI attorney could attempt to suppress evidence and that could lead to the DUI being dropped or reduced to a lesser charge such as reckless driving.

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