Synthetic Marijuana Sale and Possession in Jacksonville, Florida

There are already laws against marijuana possession in Jacksonville and all over Florida. It is illegal to sell marijuana, possess marijuana, and to grow (cultivate) marijuana in Duval County. The crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies and the penalties range from probation to serving time in prison.

There is a new drug that has emerged in the United States that replicates the effects of pot. It is synthetic marijuana made out of plants coated with chemicals that mimic THC. THC is the natural chemical found in real marijuana. Some retail names for this product are Spice, K2, and Blaze. This fake pot is considered a “designer drug” used to get around the strict prohibitions on real natural pot. It sells for around $40.00 per ounce.

Eight states have already banned this drug. They are Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and Arkansas. On November 24th, the federal government also instituted a ban of its own. Thirty days from the 24th, the chemicals that coat the fake pot will be banned in the United States. This will effectively stop production and sale of fake marijuana in all states, including Florida. People could still attempt to get around the new ban by purchasing the drug online from out of the country.

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