Taser International Introduces Video Recorder for Police

Taser International, the company that manufactures the “Taser”, has now introduced a new product to law enforcement. It is a device that records, both by video and audio, an officer’s entire shift. The camera is worn like a Bluetooth on your ear.

In theory, the police would pick up the recorder at the beginning of their shift and at the end, download the entire day onto a database. Taser claims that the video cannot be deleted, but can be viewed and “managed” by the officer.

Some police officers in Jacksonville have cameras on the dash of their police cars. It is not known how particular officers get picked to have the cameras, but the majority of the officers with cameras are DUI officers. If you are arrested for DUI in Jacksonville by a DUI officer, it is likely that you are captured on video. Even if the officer has a camera, it sometimes “malfunctions”. In my experience as a DUI Lawyer in Jacksonville, when there is no video in a DUI case, the officer will not even attempt to have the “problem” fixed. They claim that the camera just malfunctions sometimes.

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