Terms and Conditions of Probation in Jacksonville

When you are placed on probation in Jacksonville for a crime, the “special” conditions of your probation are determined through negotiation with the prosecutor or determined by the judge. Some terms of probation are standard to every probation.

Here are some standard terms and conditions of probation in Florida:

1. You must report to the probation office as directed.

2. You must allow the probation officers to visit you at your home, work, or elsewhere.

3. You must be employed insofar as may be possible.

4. You cannot violate any law. If you are arrested while you are on probation, you do not have to be convicted to substantiate a violation. If you are arrested and the officer had probable cause to arrest you, that could be enough to hold you in violation.

5. You have to make restitution to the victim for damage caused by you in an amount determined by the court.

6. You have to support your children to the best of your ability.

7. You cannot be around people engaged in criminal activities.

8. You have to submit to random drug testing if requested.

9. You will be prohibited from possessing a gun.

10. You cannot use intoxicants, such as alcohol, to excess.

If you are on probation and have questions about probation in Jacksonville, contact a Probation Attorney in Jacksonville.

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