Texting Sexual Pictures (Sexting) Can Bring Criminal Charges

Teenagers all over the country text, but some kids are finding themselves in trouble with the juvenile system. Children who text nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves to other children, called “sexting” are being arrested and charged with child pornography.

These kids are put in the juvenile justice system, but at what price? Child pornography laws were made to punish adults who view or possess child porn, not teens who send pictures of themselves. There obviously is a problem with children behaving like this, but it is up to the parents to control this behavior, not the criminal justice system. A prosecutor in Greensburg, PA chose to charge 2 teenage girls and 4 teenage boys with child pornography. The 2 girls sent racy pictures of themselves to the 4 boys.

Sex offender laws in Florida and all over the country were passed to punish actual sex offenders, not kids who used bad judgment.

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