Two Florida Men Accused of Stealing and Dumping ATM Machine

Kevin Bass of Davie, Florida and Gary Hrinda of Melrose, Florida are charged with one count of grand theft and another count of littering in a canal. The two men were caught stealing an ATM from a Pembroke Pines fair, then using the money inside to gamble some more at The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Witnesses saw the two men dropping the mangled ATM into a Davie canal, and tipped off police.

<a href=""Jacksonville theft crimes from time to time involve some sort of innovation on the part of the suspect, and normally stealing the entire ATM itself is unheard of. However, many thieves throughout Florida that use an ATM at all during the process of the theft will remove and destroy the entire ATM in order to obtain, sometimes, little cash at all. To the detriment of the accused is that technology such as security cameras and random witness statements, can be used to keep up with the criminal’s new tricks. These advances help the State when attempting to find a perpetrator, as well as increase the evidence against the one should one be charged.

There are many different types of crimes that involve use of an ATM in a theft crime, including stealing information used in ATM machines such as debit card information, breaking into the machine and taking the cash, or stealing the ATM machine itself. Because ATM’s are part of the banking system, the federal government will usually take jurisdiction of the matter and prosecute the case in federal court. However, similar Florida state charges may be filed as well.

A very common crime with the increase in technology that is available to thieves and scammers is a practice called “skimming.” Skimming is not only limited to ATM machines, but may be used in practice to obtain any credit card or debit card information typed in or swiped into an computer system. In cases of skimming, the accused has allegedly attached a small machine that resembles a card reader into an ATM or vending machine. The thief may then read and store the information that is contained within the card, including one’s PIN. With this information, the accused may either proceed with normal identity theft actions, such as buying items online, emptying one’s accounts, or making a duplicate, or “clone,” of the card.

Another very common crime that may end up in one being falsely accused of check fraud in one’s own bank account is ATM Deposit Fraud. This type of ATM related-theft charge targets the bank and the victim. Many banks will credit a bank account a certain dollar ($) amount pending approval of the check, depending on the type of account. Many times, the accused will have opened sometimes multiple accounts at a bank either under a completely fictious name or a known victim’s name, making fraudulent transactions with the back, including fake cash, forged or otherwise false checks that take sometimes two or three days to process, particularly on weekends or holidays. Once deposited, the suspect will make a withdrawal based on the deposited checks with the knowledge that the check is invalid.

Sometimes, thieves think that dealing with a bank account is too difficult, and, using either a truck or other heavy vehicle, will tear the ATM out of the ground or wall of banks, supermarkets, and sometimes, stand-alone ATM’s in local parking lots. In this case, one must steal the ATM machine itself or breaking into the machine to remove cash and other deposits. One cannot be charged with stealing the ATM machine if it does not actually move or has its contents removed.

Many times, when stealing ATMs, people think that they cannot be found because they themselves were not on camera. However, the State, as well as the Jacksonville police, will attempt to show through video footage as well as image enhancement software, the possible license plate numbers of the vehicle in order to yield positive results as to the actual offender. However, the improbability of finding proper conclusive evidence to convict someone of such a crime is difficult and limited, and is simply not conclusive to prove that someone committed a crime such as robbery of an ATM.

Many times, when suspected of a crime, the State or police may attempt to distill fear or coerce identifying testimony that will be used to convict one of a crime. However, one should not speak to the police or anyone else. The only person that one should confide anything in is one’s experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney, who will be fighting the case and making sure that the legal system does not make the accused the victim.

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