Unemployment Rate Leads to Higher Sealing and Expunging of Criminal Records in Florida

The bad economy has led to many issues, one of which is an influx of job applicants into the marketplace. Jobs are few and far between and applicants are doing everything they can to increase their chances. Job seekers with any criminal background are probably put at the bottom of the list. In Florida, during the last fiscal year, sealing and expungment requests have increased dramatically.

If you have been arrested and not convicted of a crime, you may be eligible for a sealing or expunging of your record. If your record is sealed or expunged, your arrest or withhold of adjudication is supposed to be hidden from the public.

Having a Florida criminal lawyer help you in sealing and expunging your record will not guarantee that potential employers will not find your record. When you are arrested in Jacksonville, the arrest is public record. Background companies access the information and hold it in their databases. When a record is sealed or expunged, the order to seal the record is for governmental agencies. Private companies are usually not required to comply with the order and will maintain your record even if government agencies do not.

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