U.S. DUI Statistics in 2008

There are many studies that analyze Driving Under the Influence statistics and causes. Every year, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health releases statistics on drugs and alcohol in America. The study gives the numbers of DUI’s committed in the United States by age. Here are the numbers:

7.2% of people 16-17
16.7% of people 18-20
26.1% of people 21-25
23.2% of people 26-29
17.9% of people 30-34
15.4 of people 35-39
14.1% of people 40-44
14.7% of people 45-49
11.4% of people 50-54
9.9% of people 55-59
7% of people 60-64
2% of people 65 and older
DUI arrests in Jacksonville can be complicated and have many layers. There are several steps the police must take before arresting someone on drunk driving charges and an experienced Jacksonville DUI Lawyer should be contacted to examine your criminal case.

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