Video Inmate Visitation Coming to Jacksonville?

As Jacksonville criminal attorneys, we are constantly visiting our clients at the Jacksonville Pretrial Detention Facility, better known as the jail. Criminal lawyers can see their clients face to face in a small room. If you are not a criminal defense attorney and want to visit an inmate in Jacksonville, you will see be behind a glass wall and will be able to communicate with a telephone.

Certain jails in our area have switched over to video visitation. Family and friends of the inmate will sit in front of a video monitor and conduct their visit. The monitor does not have to be at the jail and reduces the amount of traffic in the actual jail. This type of visit also reduces the chances of a visitor bringing contraband into the jail. Right now, St. Johns County Jail and Baker County Jail both have this technology.

Duval County jail has about 200 inmate visitors per day and is considering the video system. The system costs around $1.5 million.

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