Walgreens Robberies Have Authorities Searching

Authorities are on the lookout for a woman who allegedly robbed a Walgreens pharmacy at gunpoint recently, News4Jax reports.

Charges of robbery in Jacksonville are considered very serious in the criminal justice system and can be punished with long prison terms. When a weapon is used, whether shown or not, the suspect can face decades behind bars.Like any criminal case, there are defenses. And a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer is prepared to investigate and prepare a strong defense so that the defendant’s rights are upheld.

Robbery and burglary are sometimes confused, but they are different crimes altogether. Robbery means taking property from a person, while burglary means stealing from an unoccupied dwelling or vehicle. In most situations, burglary is charged as a third-degree felony, which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

In cases where a person is inside the building, burglary can be a second-degree felony (15 years in prison). It’s only charged as a first-degree felony if a weapon is used or a victim is assaulted.

The lowest charge for robbery is a second-degree felony. In cases where a weapon is used, it’s an automatic first-degree felony, which can send a person to prison for 30 years to life. This is almost as serious a charge as a person can face in Florida.

In the Walgreens case, a woman in a black hooded jacket walked into the store on a recent Saturday night just before 9:30 p.m. The woman approached an employee at the register and held her hand under her jacket as if she had a handgun.

The news report states the woman took cash and got into a dark SUV before driving off.

The Florida Times-Union reports that other drugstore robberies in recent days have authorities believing the suspect is similar in multiple cases. The newspaper states that armed robberies at a different Walgreens and a CVS store appear to be connected.

Police say that a combination of the bad economy and the approaching holidays may be to cause for an increase in robberies citywide. Police state that robberies are up in the last month compared to the previous month.

The second Walgreens robbery happened three hours after the first. After threatening to cut the employees throat, the worker couldn’t open the register and the suspect fled. In the CVS incident, 10 minutes and three miles away, a woman demanded three times that the employee open the register, who refused. The woman than left in a dark SUV.

In apparently unrelated incidents from the drug store cases, the two discount retail stores were robbed Saturday morning and Sunday evening. In both those cases, men are the suspects. In both those cases, they demanded money and ran off after employees opened the register.

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