Warrants in Jacksonville

A warrant is a piece of paper signed by a Jacksonville judge that directs the police to make an arrest, search somewhere, or seize property. The warrant has to:

1. Be in writing and in the name of the State of Florida
2. Outline the nature of the crime police say was committed
3. Demand that the person be arrested and brought before a judge
4. Specify the name of the person, or if the name is not known, describe the person
5. Specify a date and county where the warrant is to be issued
6. Signed by a Jacksonville judge
7. Set a bond for any crimes that allow a bond.

In order for JSO to get an arrest warrant, they have to have probable cause to believe someone broke the law, present their sworn findings to a judge, and have a judge sign the warrant.

According to Jacksonville.com, Jacksonville has almost 20,000 active warrants. That means the police can’t find the person or have not tried to look. JSO will often serve warrants when it is raining or a slow day at the office.

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