West Palm Beach, Florida Police Officers Arrested

Two former West Palm Beach officers have been arrested for battery and falsifying a police report. Kurt Graham and Louis Schwartz found themselves on the wrong side of their dash video camera. Police say they had a handcuffed suspect in custody and beat him on camera. After the alleged beating, the two sworn officers are accused of lying on reports to cover it up. The two are no longer with the force, Schwartz was fired and Graham quit.

Some police officers in Jacksonville have cameras on the dashboard of their police cars. Many DUI enforcement officers in Jacksonville have the cameras, but that does not mean your case will be on video. As a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer, I have had cases where the officer wrote that their was a video, but later claim there was a video malfunction. There is no way to know if that is in fact happened, but a trained DUI Attorney in Jacksonville can ask the officer if he or she requested a work order to fix the camera. The DUI lawyer can also ask to see the disc that malfunctioned.

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