What happens when a Jacksonville police officer kills someone?

JSO officer, Marcus Kilpatrick, was following an alleged traffic violator when he struck a truck and the 86 year-old driver was killed. There is no confirmation, at this point, that the officer’s emergency lights were turned on. Witnesses at the scene say they were not, but there is no word on what Kilpatrick is saying.

Whenever a JSO officer kills someone, whether it is by bullet or car, the Fraternal Order of Police in Jacksonville sends a Jacksonville lawyer to talk to the officer before he or she gives a statement to ANYONE! This is called “Lawyering Up”. After they have spoken to their Jacksonville attorney, they will give their side of the story.

Officer Kilpatrick’s driving record should be analyzed. Does he have a history of speeding, either before becoming an officer or after? Has he ever been disciplined for making bad decisions? What was the law that the traffic violator violated that necessitated Kilpatrick to ignore the speed limit and drive recklessly?

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