What happens when you miss your criminal court date in Jacksonville?

Our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorneys represent people who have been arrested or have criminal charges pending primarily in Duval County, Clay County, and Nassau County. When someone has been arrested, a future court date will be scheduled and either the defendant or their Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer will have to attend. Our Florida Criminal Attorneys have our clients sign a “Waiver of Appearance”. This document will allow our Clay County Defense Lawyers to appear before the court on behalf of the client.

If a defendant is not represented by a criminal attorney and they miss court, a capias could be issued. A capias in Jacksonville is considered a bench warrant, which means the judge (from the bench) is commanding the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to bring the person to them. Usually, the capias will have some bond amount attached to it. This means if you are arrested on a capias in Jacksonville and there is a $5000.00 bond, you must post a bond for that amount to get out of jail while your case is pending.

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