What is a Principal and Accessory After the Fact?

Many people wonder whether or not they can be arrested for a crime they did not directly commit. The answer is yes. You can be considered a “principal” or “accessory after the fact”.

In Florida, you are a 2008->Ch0777->Section%20011#0777.011″target=”_blank”>Principal if you had the intent that a crime be committed and did some act or said some word to encourage someone else to commit a crime. You don’t even have to be at the crime scene to be charged as a principal!

You can also be considered an 2008->Ch0777->Section%2003#0777.03″target=”_blank”>Accessory After the Fact. The prosecutor must prove that:

– A felony was committed by someone.
– After the felony was committed, you assisted the person who committed the felony.
– At the time, you knew the person had committed the felony.
– You helped that person escape or avoid arrest.

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