What is Drug Court in Jacksonville, Florida?

When you are arrested for a drug-related crime in Jacksonville, you may be eligible for drug court. The Duval County Adult Drug Court Program is a diversion program designed to eliminate drug dependency. If you are able to get admitted into the program, after you successfully complete it, the prosecutor’s office will drop all of the criminal charges against you.

Drug Court is a 12 month program broken up in 4 phases.

Phase I is intensive day/night treatment which means three hours a day, three days per week for six weeks. You will also have to appear in drug court once a week.

Phase II is moderately intensive day/night treatment which means you must attend three hours a day for two days for six weeks. You must also go to drug court as instructed.

Phase III requires outpatient group counseling which includes three hours a week for sixteen weeks. You must also appear in drug court as instructed.

Phase IV is aftercare which requires your attendance one day a week for one hour until you graduate.

The cost of the program is at least $10.00 per week. In addition to the phases above, you must attend at least three Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings a week throughout the program. Random drug testing is also a requirement.

Getting into Drug Court is a privilege and is not automatic. If you have been arrested for a drug offense in Jacksonville, Clay County, or Nassau County, contact a Jacksonville Drug Lawyer about the possibility of you being placed in Drug Court.

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