What makes a confession illegal in a criminal case in Florida?

At the beginning of every criminal arrest in Jacksonville, the police try to get information out of the suspect. The police are taught and encouraged to lie in certain interrogations to get information.

When a suspect makes admissions to the police, those admissions have to be knowingly, freely, and voluntarily made. It is illegal for the police to threaten a suspect with violence and the police are not allowed to make direct or implied promises, however slight. That means they are not allowed to promise to make your case better if you talk.

The court, when determining whether a confession was legally obtained, must look at the totality of the circumstances to assess whether or not the confession was the result of a free and rational choice. If the officer induces the suspect to confess by using language that amounts to a threat or promise of benefit, the confession is untrustworthy and should be excluded. That is why it is so important to consult with a Northeast Florida Criminal Attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer can look at your case and any alleged confession and determine whether or not it was freely and voluntarily made.

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