What Police Drug Stings Mean For Residents Of Jacksonville

Jacksonville police are gearing up for the increasing drug crimes that are present in our city. One of the many ways in which the police do this is by conducting drug stings. If one has been a victim of the drug sting, one should obtain an experienced attorney to ensure their rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville police busted Wayne Jenkins for selling crack cocaine to an undercover detective on Friday and again on Saturday. This sting was part of a city wide operation to arrest known drug dealers, traffickers, and buyers.

Jacksonville drug crimes cases normally involve someone who happens to be possessing a drug, and sometimes selling a drug to a undercover police officer, who then arrests them for selling the drug. However, sting operations, not as widely used, are quite interesting and sometimes rather complicated.

The most common forms of stings, when used for the purposes of drug busts, are where an undercover police officer poses as a seller looking for a buyer, or as a buyer look for a seller. However, Jacksonville, as well as other cities, are using these sting operations in conjunction with other operations such as beefed-up patrols, crackdowns, and sweeps.

One problem with sting operations is the numbers of drug dealers, sellers, distributors and buyers that are arrested. The Jacksonville Police Department reports the numbers of drug crime arrests are going up and that they are cleaning up the streets. This reporting increases faith in our police officers protecting and serving us. However, sometimes, one or two police officers pressure people who normally would not commit the drug crime to commit the crime: This is entrapment.

Entrapment is a very widely known defense; however, most only know very little about this very important defense. The entrapment defense comes into action typically when a police officer pressures or pushes someone to commit a crime, in this case, a drug crime, when they normally would not. Most times this involves the undercover cop egging the accused on and pushing him or her to sell or buy the drug.

This happens many times with police stings and undercover drug busts. Unfortunately, most do not know this defense exists until it is too late. However, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville drug crimes attorney to fight for one’s case, one will be able to know if this defense applies to them, and may be able to have their charges completely dismissed.

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