What to ask when hiring a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney?

There are many criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville, Clay County, St. Johns County, and Nassau County. In that mix of attorneys, many advertise that they are “Former Prosecutors”. That means that before they decided, for whatever reason, to start defending people charged with crimes, they devoted every work day to prosecuting them.

Some questions you could ask them are:

How long were you a prosecutor?

How many people have you put in jail?

How many people have you put in prison?

Have you ever prosecuted someone you thought may be innocent?

Did you always believe the police?

Even if you didn’t believe the police on a case, did you prosecute the criminal charges anyway?

What made you switch sides?

At The Forbess Law Firm P.A., all of our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorneys are proud to say we have NEVER been prosecutors. We have always defended citizens who have been charged and arrested.

If you have any questions about criminal charges or if you have been arrested in Jacksonville, don’t hesitate to call our Jacksonville Criminal Attorneys 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (904) 634-0900.

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