When can you withdraw your plea in Jacksonville, Florida?

At our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Law Firm, we get many calls about withdrawing pleas. There is a system in place for those that have a legal basis to withdraw their pleas.

When you are arrested in Jacksonville and ultimately enter a plea to a charge, the judge must go over certain things with you. You have to have a full understanding of the charges against you, the minimum and maximum possible punishments, and all the evidence against you. You have to understand that you are giving up your right to have a trial, the right to have the state prove all charges against you, the right to cross-examine and confront witness against you, the right to call your own witnesses, etc. If you were not advised of these rights, there may be a basis to withdraw your plea.

Another basis to withdraw your plea when your plea was involuntary. That means you felt forced to enter the plea. A Jacksonville Attorney can discuss your rights with you further.

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