Will Hiring more Jacksonville Police Officers Reduce Crime?

The Jacksonville Journey wants to immediately increase the number of police officers in Jacksonville, Florida. They believe the presence of more police officers will be a deterrent to crime, improve our quality of life, and reduce the crime rate overall.

In reality, having more police officers on the street may increase crime. If you have more police, expect more arrests. If arrests increase, doesn’t the crime rate increase too? It is a cause and effect relationship. Police rarely arrest someone who is in the middle of committing a crime. Police are often dispatched to crimes in progress, arriving minutes later. In many cases, victims of crime notify the police after the crime has occurred.

For this policy to be effective, we have to believe that people who commit crimes weigh all of the costs and benefits on their actions. Many people do not know about increased policing in their area or if they do know, they may be too angry or intoxicated at the time to care.

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