Woman Charged With Child Sexual Abuse In Jacksonville Prostitution Case

Jacksonville’s citizens, in desperate times, do desperate actions that result in criminal charges. Many times though, those desperate actions were merely cries for help. However, this does not mean that one should be punished extremely harshly for one’s actions, particularly when those actions were what one did for survival. If one obtains an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case, one can be sure that that attorney will provide the best defense possible.

According to the Florida-Times Union, Dalina J. Nicholas has been arrested for selling herself and her daughter sexually, for pills and money. The arrest comes after numerous reports said that the woman was abusing her daughter, for which a subsequent was filed and executed. Nicholas was arrested in Georgia, and will be extradited to Georgia as a fugitive.

Jacksonville sex crimes cases typically have some form of structure behind them when dealing with prostitution. Many times, people form groups together and in turn, have a brothel structure, while others go it alone, selling themselves on special occasions for a little extra cash here and there. However, the legal system sometimes overlooks just why these people prostitute themselves, especially when a mother and daughter are involved.

In this case, the State Attorney’s Office would take this case from the emotional response standpoint. When most people see a child involved in any kind of sexual abuse, they cringe because no normal human being could stand to see a child harmed. If the State attacks that emotion, this case could be a walk in the park for them, excepting a very high plea deal.

The emotion strategy works quite well in the legal world when the case in question involves a jury trial. Most attorneys are trained to disregard emotion and not respond to it in argument. However, there are a few attorneys who do not only understand emotion, but know how to take that emotion and channel it into a jury’s thoughts in closing statements of a jury. That experienced Jacksonville sex crimes attorney can make the difference between guilty and not guilty.

An experienced attorney can provide a proper defense for one in a situation that would provide an emotional persuasion, even more so than a strictly legal persuasion can provide. Many times, the actions of the defendant, even if found to be fact, still are based on wants or desires that lead them to extreme anxiety and desperation.

In this particular case, Nicholas’ entire life was founded around a system and environment filled with drugs, violence, homelessness and a feeling of hopelessness. The jury does not know this, and the State is not about to inform the jury of mitigating factors to the crime. However, an experienced attorney could provide that defense so that the possible penalty for the crime could be lessened or even dropped.

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