Women in Florida Prisons

More and more women are being sentenced to prison time in Florida. According the the Department of Corrections, the amount of women sentenced to prison time has doubled in 10 years. This year, there are 882 women under 25 years-old currently in prison. The breakdown of the ages of these women is:

24 – 207 inmates
23 – 170
22 – 143
21 – 125
20 – 125
19 – 50
18 – 26
17 – 6
16 – 3
One of the reasons the number has gone up is juvenile “direct file” cases. This is when someone under 18 gets arrested for a felony and the government treats them as an adult. In Jacksonville, if a juvenile is arrested for a felony, especially one involving a gun or violence, there is a good chance they will be treated as an adult. The goal of any Jacksonville Juvenile Attorney is to keep their client in juvenile court.

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