Your Right to a Fair Jury

If you have been arrested in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, you have the right to have a trial and make the prosecutor prove the case against you. Very few cases go to trial in Jacksonville, but there are strict rules that govern how they are conducted. One of the most important rules governs your jury.

In any criminal trial where you are facing jail time, you have the right to have an impartial jury determine your guilt or innocence. The courts in Florida are very careful to eliminate any bias among the jurors, but they do exist. Judges in Jacksonville advise juries not to discuss the case pending before them with anyone else and instruct the jury to not watch or read anything in the press about the case.

Recently, a juror in a civil case posted messages on his twitter account about a case he was on. He commented about one of the parties in the case and also revealed what his decision would be. The side that lost the trial is appealing the verdict saying the juror showed his bias.

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